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    Norton allows you to manage your registration at Like you, keep in mind that cyber attacks are expanding rapidly and contaminating your devices with ransomware, and harmful exercises. To secure your device, you must have an antivirus inserted in your device through


    Norton antivirus software is to protect the system from different types of malware and viruses. You cannot secure your system without downloading the Norton antivirus. In case you do not have an account on Norton, then try to create an account. You will need the activation key so that you can successfully activate your Norton product on the system. The activation key is of the 25 digits. To download, install and activate Norton setup, go to

    What are the Features of Norton Setup?

    Go through some of the features of Norton antivirus software to know more about this antivirus:

    •    Norton software supports five computer or smartphones.

    •    You can use Norton antivirus in other devices by transferring the download link to the device where you wish to get Norton antivirus.

    •    In Norton antivirus, you can easily add many devices to the other protected systems list.

    •    Norton antivirus stops the users from opening the malicious site and downloading documents, images or files which is distrustful.

    •    It protects the user's personal data from malware and viruses.

    •    It had the feature of parental control which restricts the kids from using malicious sites.

    Steps for Downloading Norton Setup

    Go through the download steps of Norton antivirus which are listed below:

    •    Sign in to the Norton account at by writing linked email address and Norton password.

    •    In case you are the new member of Norton, make a new Norton account.

    •    Then, type the 25-digit alphanumeric activation code which you will get while purchasing the Norton setup online or offline.

    •    Go to the Norton setup folder.

    •    After that, tap on the "Download" button located in the home page of the brought Norton setup.

    •    Read the legal documents by typing the "I Agree" button.

    Steps for Installing Norton Setup

    After purchasing and downloading the Norton setup, you have to install the Norton setup. Here are the steps given below to install the Norton antivirus:

    •    In case you have Microsoft Edge as your default browser or have the Internet Explorer on the device, begin the installation process by tapping on the "Run" option.

    •    In case you have the Google Chrome as your default browser or Safari or Mozilla Firefox, begin the installation process by clicking twice on the Norton setup which you had downloaded earlier.

    •    Once you complete all the steps mentioned above according to the default browser, the "User Account Control" tab will start appearing on the computer display.

    •    After that, tap on the "Continue" option.

    •    Then, go through the guidance provided on the screen to finish the installing process of Norton setup.

    Steps for Activating Norton Setup

    Activate the Norton setup with the activation key. Go through the steps listed below:

    •    Click twice on the Norton setup which is saved into the "Downloads" folder.

    •    After that, tap on the "Activate Now" button.

    •    Sign in to the account associated with the Norton, by typing the information's it needed while logging in to the Norton account. The information such as email address and password linked with the Norton.

    •    Type the 25-digit alphanumeric Norton activation key from the online process which is through Norton official website or from the offline process which is through purchasing the Norton setup from the retail store.

    •    Let the installation procedure of Norton setup to complete its activating process.

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