TopicIs the elevator near you safe?

  • Wed 26th Dec 2018 - 5:37am

    In real life, passenger elevators are not just for shopping malls and office buildings. Many residential communities are getting higher and higher, and elevators have become a must for many high-rise communities. However, Xiao Bian always rides the elevators that are dozens of layers every time. I am afraid that the elevator will suddenly fall down, so today we will come together to learn about elevator survival skills.

    Take the elevator notice

    1. If you do not see whether the elevator car is parked on this floor, do not blindly enter, otherwise it may lead to the accident of personnel falling into the hoistway.

    2. Do not kick, squat, squat, or lean on the door when waiting for the ladder. Otherwise, there is a danger of falling into the hoistway or being cut by the car.

    3. Do not squeeze into the car or move in when the elevator is overloaded. Otherwise, the elevator will not close the door and affect the operation efficiency. If the situation is serious, the elevator rope will slip and the car will slide down.

    4. Do not block the car door with your hands, feet or items. You need to keep the elevator door open. You can press and hold the door opening button in the car. Do not be too slow when entering or leaving the elevator. Do not step on the floor and step on the car for a long time. Otherwise, if the car moves at this time, it is prone to shearing accidents. Please read carefully

  • Wed 10th Apr 2019 - 12:11pm

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