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  • Fri 14th Dec 2018 - 5:34am

    Graphically, the game is very well optimised. Forza Horizon 4 Credits creates a bit of a shift over the last Windows Store release of a Forza game, which match under fire for some optimisation and slow down issues, so it is great to see some changes for the positive in this respect.

    The game will look totally amazing, the degree of detail and precision is magnificent, as someone very familiar with Scotland and northern England, I can say this is the most accurate re-creation I have observed so far in a video game. It's a pity that the primary city of Edinburgh isn't available in this demonstration, but I'm really eager to explore this town I've seen many times when the full game releases.

    In terms of gameplay and physics, it is quite similar to previous Forza Horizon titles, together with the handling leaning more towards arcade compared to forcing realism, but with an adequate feel and good physics which makes it a fantastic experience. While this will not satisfy hardcore driving simulator fans, for most players the physics and handling feels very natural and makes the game great pleasure to play.

    A couple bugs are in this demonstration. Photomode, which creates a return from previous instalments, can't save or share photos which proved to be a great frustration for me when putting together this particular review. Whatever you can do is hide the HUD while at photomode, and utilize a third party tool (or press printing screen) to store the photo.

    The demonstration also has a propensity to crash when transitioning between the seasons - one fix for this is, when the game has begun, to go into Task Manager, locate the Forza Horizon 4 process, and place it is CPU priority to"High" - that fixed all the crashing issues for me. All these are minor problems though, and will undoubtedly be fixed before the game goes into it is final release.

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