TopicDelights in shirking the MMORPG status quo?

  • Thu 10th Jan 2019 - 7:33am

    Despite tens of thousands of logged hours, I cannot begin to imagine how to look a raid for Runescape. Runescape! Of all games! And that is Old School Runescape, for the record, the endearingly grindy match with that I most trusted osrs gold sellers and several other former high school students with a lot of free time on their hands are so well acquainted--and which tens of thousands of players continue to enjoy on a daily basis.

    For the last few years, Jagex has been mulling over that exact issue. How can you create a raid for Old School Runescape, a game which, historically, delights in shirking the MMORPG status quo?

    It is surreal to watch Twitch streams and YouTube videos of Old School players fervently puzzling out the mechanics of a game whose tactical depth I remember capping at clicking something, or for the really advanced, clicking some thing else. And it is just plain fascinating to see how Jagex has turned raiding on its head, cutting and modifying dungeon de rigueur to make a exceptional experience that completely emanates Runescape.

    Not able to make sense of these directors and puzzles by peering over the fence, I spoke with Matthew'Mod Mat K' Kemp, Kieran'Mod Kieren' Charles and Ashleigh'Mod Ash' Bridges of their Runescape development team to take a proper tour of Xeric's creation and challenges.

    Xeric was initially teased at Runefest 2015, but Jagex was speaking it on as early as 2014. "We were looking for aspirational content that players can work toward, for their goal to be'We want to do this material,''' Bridges said of the raid's original scope. "We wanted enough variety that, after they have done it, they would keeping doing this for fun as well as the rewards."

    To attain that number without deviating from Runescape's runescape 3 gold for sale center simplicity, the group adopted an unusual design philosophy very early on: modular challenges. Chambers of Xeric consists of eight boss rooms, four obstacle rooms suspended in abilities such as thieving and woodcutting, and one last boss, The fantastic Olm. But Olm himself is the only continuous. Each raid is a randomly created combination of about half of these 12 rooms, which means that you'll rarely run exactly the same raid twice. Even though unconventional, this approach actually made some things easier on the group. Jagex did something similar in 2010 with all the dungeoneering ability of Runescape 3, the mainline version of the game, which also jobs players with finishing a gauntlet of boss-punctuated challenges. Importing those components to Old School was intuitive, but not so cut-and-dry.

  • Thu 24th Oct 2019 - 3:28am

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