Topicand it is obvious this has been the closest race to date

  • Wed 28th Oct 2015 - 3:14am

    igsky Both make tough cases, and it is obvious this has been the closest race to date. As a whole, FIFA 16 plays well and fantastic visual cues. It will be interesting to see how EA will be pushed to produce a winning title if PES continues to keep the pressure. At first, FUT Draft sounds similar: rather than Ultimate Team, in which you collect players like Panini stickers and slowly build a squad, you are given a random draw of five players per position, a choice of five formations, and encouraged to cobble together an unlikely squad of superstars. Win streaks are rewarded with packs of players for your regular team; when you lose, the squad is disbanded, and you start again. There’s only one problem, which is if you want to play it, you have to pay: 15,000 in-game coins, which are earned by playing games in regular Ultimate Team, or 300 FIFA points (around £2.50) for a ‘draft token’.

    This game needs more than little changes. It needs a serious overhaul. There’s precious little that’s fifa 16 mule account new about FIFA 16. From the menus to the commentary team to the halftime replays, it’s tough finding genuinely fresh and meaningful additions or improvements to the core FIFA 16 experience outside of a new draft system in Ultimate Team, some extra depth to manager mode and a promising (though quarantined and barebones) women’s game. OK, so I felt like writing about this separately, since it’s not only split off into its own section of FIFA 16, it’s something PES simply doesn’t have a competing feature for. I also spun it off because I don’t feel like it adds that much to FIFA to warrant opting for it over PES. At the moment.

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