TopicCS:GO Eternal Academy Idea !

  • Sat 22nd Aug 2015 - 2:13am

    MY IDEA.

    Hey, my name is Daan ''Flex'' Kuik and i have a pretty good idea i think.

    My idea is to make an Academy team with young players who will play together for a few years and compete in online tournaments & leagues. In these years the team will act as a sub team and develop their team chemistry and more. This team will have the valve matchmaking rank: DMG - LEM or maybe SMFC aswell.

    Young people (14-16) will find it awesome to play online tournaments & leagues with support in their back.

    This will also cost nothing extra as the team makes use of the CS:GO & Teamspeak server the first team uses aswell.

    It brings only good things with it, as the players will put the main sponsors on their steam profile and in their steam profile name. When the team participates in an online event, Eternal and the sponsors will get more attention.

    Basically you spread out many things with this idea, plus you have young talented CS:GO players and maybe in a few years (3) ready to compete against higher teams. I think this is a try worth as it can't make you lose anything, and you can always delete it.

    PENTA Sports have a sub team aswell. They have young talented players trying to get the experience and the right age for the professional team. I've asked LunatiK aswell, they said it was a good idea and they thought about something like that aswell, but didn't need it now!

    You'll be one of the few organisations who will have a team like this. Maybe this team can make you win things as there are enough online compeditions with price money.

    Keep in mind that young people will find it awesome and will represent Eternal proudly!

    If you think this idea is something where you can work with please let me know, also i like to know why you denied it if you did.


    For information about myself, contact me on the mail above ^.


    Thanks, Daan ''Flex'' Kuik

  • Thu 8th Oct 2015 - 8:52am

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