ETL is looking to fill out their positions!

Sun 29th Mar 2015 - 8:02pm : General

Since we started rebuilding the organisation this year we did some pretty big things. We updated all of stuff. That means we got a new website, we redesigned our facebook, youtube and twitch channels. We dropped our CS:GO team and now we are searching for a new one. We also managed to get some really motivated staff. But we are not happy with that. We want more!


Positions we are looking to fill at the moment:


Video editor

Video editors are a big resource for most organisations. They make great frag videos and similiar content. We need an video editor that will grow with us, while you will have enough freedom for yourself. We are looking for someone who can manage our youtube channel by posting active and fresh content.

If you think you can fill out this role please send your application and work to us by e-mail. Our e-mail is


Regional manager NA

Since we already have eu regional manager, it is logical that we need someone who will control NA side of the organisation. That means scouting for new teams, supporting existing teams and dealing with North American issues we come across.


If you think you can fill out this role please send your application and work to us by e-mail. Our e-mail is


Media manager

We have a lot of stuff going on. We have to take care of facebook, youtube, twitter and twitch. We would need someone who is really patient and knows how to do this job, someone who will control our facebook and twitter. Some GFX knowledge is really a big plus. 


If you think you can fill out this role please send your application and work to us by e-mail. Our e-mail is



Amar Karabegovic

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