Next Generation

Mon 23rd Mar 2015 - 10:04pm : General

"Next Generation" is usually tied to these new gaming consoles that the big companies want everyone to buy and every time people are suckered in to buying them. A lot of people I know don't own a gaming computer, its usually an Xbox or PS4. I haven't wrote to this to start undermining the console world, even though PC is Master Race, its said now so I can stop. Anyway, Eternal eSports has also evolved into a new phase, or generation you could say, from a small group of players into an organisation housing many teams across the world. After a quiet patch for the past few months, new faces have came onto the scene to take the reins. I myself will be stepping down as a head admin and resuming my role of Owner/Founder with Swarmstika and Ario looking after the teams.

Ario and Swarmstika have stepped up to the challenge of managing the new teams that Eternal eSports will develop and strive in the esports world. Ario will mostly be looking after the European based teams whilst Swarmstika will be looking after the Australian based teams. We hope to lay our next generation foundation with a solid Counter Strike Global Offensive team based in Europe. With Australia developing their already successful StarCraft II team. There are a certain group of players, you know who you are, who just like to play a few games, Fifa, Wizards etc. These guys, you guys, are the foundation of the organisation as a whole and will always have a place in Eternal eSports no matter where it goes. A personal thanks from me for sticking around and please continue to do so.

Anyway, we have decided to evolve and move our website onto a new platform, you didn't know we had a new website? You should check it out, its quite good, the link is here somewhere, Google it. We have moved to Esportsify, a leading cms website platform specifically designed for esports teams. This allows more novice users to make changes to the website easily and not have to write any code at all to maintain it. Although it has now limited us to the amount of bespoke work we can do, I believe it is the best option to go for.

In terms of infrastructure and sponsorships, we maintain our hosting sponsorship with Gosu Servers, after heavy talks with myself in Eternal eSports and myself in Gosu Servers, I thought I made a good point and decided to sponsor myself, gg, wp, kthnxbai. If you haven't worked out the relation there, I own Gosu Servers. If you did, well done. We have also signed up as affiliates for G2A and Online Key Store.

Just to lightly mention Gosu Servers, this is what I have moved on to manage. A new challenge in my eyes, but again I will ensure Eternal eSports is looked after.

Time to wrap this up, this is not a goodbye post or farewell it is a simple, out with the old and in with the new. Sometimes change is good and sometimes change is for the best. Good luck have fun!



William Armstrong

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