ETL picks up team bReality

Sat 4th Apr 2015 - 7:46pm : Gaming

Entering the new 2015 we decided we will rebuild. And we did, as big franchises have to rebuild after every tough period, so we did. We created strong foundations that will be home to any team we will have under our wing.

We began scouting for teams that will be representing us and after a month of endless scouting and testing we managed to pick up a team. We picked up polish team called "bReality" who were performing amazingly in ESL ladders and got our attention. 


bReality's latest matches

We had a small talk with the team captain 


Can you tell us something about yourself and your team?

Sure, most of us know eachother for quite some time already. Personally I used to play Medal of Honor:Allied Assault for about 11 years where I was one of the best players in the scene - Those are old days of Clanbase, which unfortunately is not in the esport industry anymore. We have 2 very experienced CS 1.6 players, reason and beny. They attended polish LAN’s with top 3 finnishes and were playing in the polish EPS season 2. The other 2 players are z1san and legend. They are the young talented blood of the team. We have decided to give it our best shot to become a top CS:GO team in Poland, and hopefully internationally.

How do you feel now when you got picked up by Eternal eSports?

We are very excited to be joining Eternal eSports. This gives us an extra “kick” to our motivation. The guys from Eternal eSports seem to be really friendly and helpful . I guess I will thank you again on this occasion for giving us this opportunity :) !

What are your plans now when you found a new home?

Our main goal for the moment is to win Cracow Game Spot which will be held in Cracow(surprise!), Poland, starting 17th April. We know the participating teams and their players. We strongly believe in success, although it is not going to be a walk in the park



We couldn't be more happy and we know they will bring us great things in the future.


The roster stands:

 Tomasz "moNY" Giziński

 Michał "beny" Waliński

 Damian "reason" Czerwiński

 Bartosz "z1san" Procko

 Maciej "legend" Palacz





Amar Karabegovic

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