How to increase visibility in-game and see enemies faster

Mon 30th Mar 2015 - 11:30am : Gaming

CS:GO has a dark filter to add up some kind of dark feeling. Maybe it makes the game more pretty but we don't really like it. Especially if it interferes with the tense combat we have to deal with. By using that dark filter you sacrifice a bit of visibility which could be crucial for winning the round and maybe the whole game. If you want to know how to fix it keep reading.


If you watch this screenshot you will notice how the left side is considerably darker than the right one. Right one has more colors to it and shows more of the game.



The solution

We use something called "Saturation toggle v1.2". It's really easy to use and supports both Nvidia and AMD cards. 



How to download and use it

  1.  Download the toggler from here http://adf.ly/9538005/saturationtogglerv2
  2. Put it somewhere on your desktop
  3. Launch the toggler
  4. Use the hotkey to toggle from default to increased saturation mode. For me the key was F11.
  5. Get some kills son. Now when you have better chance to see your enemies use it!


Pro tip

You can increase the saturation by using the icon that is located in the bottom right panel with your other icons like sound and so on.





Amar Karabegovic

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