Eternal eSports was founded in November 2011 by 2 Call of Duty 4 players, Havok and Jonesy. Their primary aim was to create an organisation that allowed teams to progress at their own pace and let the team captains choose how they operated and the players that played for them. Starting off as a small hub in the United Kingdom, Eternal eSports expanded across Europe picking up many excellent teams along the way. Counter Strike, Call of Duty and League of Legends being the most noteable teams.

After the massive influx of FPS players in Eternal eSports, a few players began looking into StarCraft II. After that the division boomed and ended up expanding out to North America and Australia. This became the primary game within Eternal eSports and was the main focus in Australia, with many players attending LANs and doing exceptionally well in the ACL Pro Series.

As many games phase in and out, StarCraft II did in Europe and North America, but is still thriving in Australia. The main game in Europe today is Counter Strike Global Offensive.

Today, Eternal eSports is ran by its server hosting partner, Gosu Servers and houses a few amateur teams hoping to strive for victory in their competitions.